Beautiful You Consultation

Let’s work together so I can show you the latest as well as time-tested, clean, non-toxic beauty products customized for your perfect skin care routine and makeup application.

I highly recommend this comprehensive service, as so many color application challenges actually stem from lack of, or a misunderstood, skin care regimen.

The service I provide in this complete skin care and consultation:

  – begins with an email questionnaire sent in advance to target your beauty challenges and desires, so that I may best meet your goals during our time together

 – an in-home, thorough, hands-on review of every beauty item you own, from skin care to makeup colors to tools (brushes, sponges, cleansing tools and applicators of every kind), to determine current function and proper, future usefulness 

 –  a skin care assessment with recommendations to update and introduce new, safer, non-toxic products to meet your specific needs

 –  a color tutorial to both demonstrate and let you learn by practicing your own application as we go. You will learn how to expertly achieve both a day and an evening look on your own.

 –  a product and color face chart to guide you through every step in the future 

 – one day, one week, and one month follow-ups to answer any further questions and to celebrate your beauty successes! πŸ’„πŸ˜†

Every step in this process is designed to leave you smiling, BEAUTIFULLY. πŸ’‹

Our time together lasts about 2-3 hours, so block out enough self care time to relax and get the most from the experience. 

                                             This service is yours at $350.