About Owner & Advocate,

My passion for Beauty Starts With Health From the Inside; Body, Mind & Spirit My Whole Life isn't just my work. Now granted, I LOVE making the world more BEAUTIFUL one face at a time. It is my privilege to generously pour joy into others as I style each and every face, for every reason, in every season, hopefully giving as much as I receive. But there's so much more to what fills me and fuels me for every interaction. It is a multi-faceted world, one that encompasses my passion for FITNESS that is not self-sustaining, but mined from the depths of personal health crises that have caused me to learn, grow and DO FOR MYSELF, inside and out, nutrients and motions; to become intentional, passionate and determined about the body I've been given to move and breathe in. Without this body, I have no VOICE and no VEHICLE with which to accomplish ANYTHING from all the other facets of my life. It is from this facet that I make informed choices to only utilize the beauty products that meet certain health and safety standards, and from that knowledge base, convey this important message and share the resources so OTHERS MAY THRIVE in the bodies they're given. My Whole Life includes my BEAUTIFUL FAMILY members who embrace me, who give me a name and with it a place to belong, people I share milestones and adventures with, who challenge and hold each other accountable, or just hold ONTO each other during the inevitable messy seasons of life. There's the facet of my FAITH that informs my moral compass, causing me to be brave for the right reasons and recognize the need to be humble and grow up when I've blown it, AGAIN; all the while realizing that without the Risen Lord, I haven't the strength or wisdom to speak out, repent or forgive as TRUE JUSTICE demands. It is in Faith that I know I am created with a purpose, and have gifts and skills such that while others are capable to speak and do what I can, I am called to serve in my UNIQUENESS, that no other can duplicate. And what a blessing that others are called to serve and influence my life like no one else. Last, this Whole Life world includes my facet of FRIENDS that make 40 plus yesteryears of laughter peeled out as we danced to life's song, and hushed words spoken in the secrecy of the night, feel like the memories of only 5 years past. It includes those friends acquired, nurtured and let go of along the way because of life's leanings in another direction that have inspired, directed, enriched, challenged and loved on me. What's BEAUTIFUL is that the friends I have are overlap from my WORK, FAMILY and FAITH facets. To do life at such a level where peripheral relationships of from every facet can and do grow into A RELATIONSHIP is an ongoing miracle, that without which, my life would be stale and devoid of the power to WANT TO DO BETTER, BE BETTER. I earnestly crave the power from friendships to TRULY LIVE. And for every relationship, I am indeed, grateful.  We ALL have work to do, and my job is to not only make you love what you see in the mirror, but inspire, educate and link arms as you draw from the facets of your Whole Life to be whole, yourself. It's okay. It's a journey. And it's BEAUTIFUL.  KK Shoaf, Makeup Artist  On a mission to change the world. One face, one body at a time. Whole Life Beauty isn't just makeup and cosmetics. It's a life style change that can transform your life for the better! I have personally seen the effects of clean, non-toxic living! It's a life and major game changer for your overall quality of life!

Married for 30 years to my husband, Bart, We're living & loving Jesus & our family (3 kids & 3 grandkids) in Richmond, VA